About Us

Company Profile

Kinectus Wellness is a wellness management company providing health education programs, one-on-one coaching and group activities for companies in order to help control healthcare costs and to increase employee engagement. What distinguishes us from other wellness management companies is our approach: close to the employee, low-tech/high-touch, generating sustainable results.

Our Team

  • Kathleen Fisher

    I’m Kathleen Fisher.  Although until recently I lived in Southern California, I’m not the kind of “California girl” who lived outdoors, loving the surf, volleyball, rollerblading and sports in general. I was raised in the Northeast, and growing up introverted, preferred reading and other passive pastimes. It wasn’t until I approached my 65th year that I began to notice increasing challenges around getting through airports, climbing stairs, and just getting out of bed in the morning. I’d had a successful run as a competitive ballroom dancer, and missed the passion, the movement and the fun. Years of sitting at a…

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  • Isaac Chenevey

    Evolution of a Wellness Aficionado I first became interested in health and wellness as the child of parents that were runners, backpackers and general ‘health nuts’. I started running local competitions and backpacking the Sierra Nevada Mountains at age 12 which led to practicing martial arts (Wu-Shu Kung Fu), competitive soccer leagues and skateboarding as a teenager. In 1989, as a junior in high school, I started practicing and learning yoga through the Kalsa community in the Washington DC/Virginia area. Soon after, in college, I decided to check out a human physiology class since I had always been interested in…

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