Kinectus Wellness will facilitate your
wellness program. Education and empowerment
are at the root of sustainable wellness,
and the root of our methodology.
Learning how our bodies work, creating
a health culture of connection, then taking
action, and beginning to really thrive is how.

we take a high-touch,
holistic approach to
shift employee health.

Using a comprehensive approach,
we address total health, from blood pressure and
weight loss, to stress and energy levels, while also creating
community around employee engagement and progress.

  • One-on-one health and wellness coaching
  • Health and wellness education
  • Health events
  • Small group change facilitation
  • Motivation support
  • Accountability tools


We’ll give your team the
tools + coaching they need
to be aware, motivated,
and productive.

This is learning how to take control
of their health, to embrace
the full potential of wellness.

This isn’t a cold,
computerized program.
This is low-tech,
high-touch help,
from one human to another.