I inspire people using stress management to create behavior change to bring balance professionally and personally in order to reach optimal performance.

In a world full of VUCA1 (and gravity) how do we not get overwhelmed and fall into the downward spiral of burnout, overwhelm and mental fogginess every single day?  What is our personal and organizational relationship with stress?  We know where we stand with gravity....we know where we stand with our own biological limitations (for the most part).  So why do we fight stress when we know it is as prevalent and necessary as gravity and biology?  Once we know how to change our beliefs about stress we can start to change our behaviors that drive us to better live, to thrive and not just survive.  [1. VUCA: Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous.]

After 18 years of being a personal trainer, 15 of which as a corrective exercise coach and behavior change coach, I can double down on the realization that our health-related behaviors stem from stress, anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues embedded long ago or from stress’ daily "gravitational pull" on our emotional brain center.  If we can begin to master our perception of stress from the daily grind, then we are on the road to mastering other aspects of our health and fitness, and thus creating optimal performance in our professional and personal lives that is uniquely our own.

The Tri-cycle Relationship of the three major components to human health, on planet Earth:

Mental-Emotional Health (Stress)      ↔     Physiological / Bio-chemical Health (Behavior Drivers)

↖↘                                           ↙↗

Bio-mechanical / Musculo-skeletal Heath (Exercise & Fitness)

All three of the above are interconnected, integrated in all it’s "Universal Simplicity and Individual Complexity".  With the individual being the expert in their own mind and body, balancing out the system can be achieved toward optimal health and increased quality of life and work.

Talks currently available:

Stress: It's All In Your Head (and Body):  A discussion on the origin of stress in our daily lives and how our body’s physiology responds to it, for better or for worse.  Then, how we can practice a mind-set change regarding our relationship to stress.  Explore potential tools and practices that work for you to embrace the daily stress, just like the inevitable reality of gravity.  This is the Mental-Emotional aspect of the Health Trifecta described above.

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Behavior Change: Micro-steps for Life-long Health Habits:  In this training, I open the doors to understanding what a habit truly is and how it applies to behavior, or actions we take every moment of every day.  We will explore tools and ways of changing habits in order to improve and support all aspects of health and performance.  You will learn how to take small, micro steps that require little to zero motivation all of which accumulates over time.  The little things truly do add up.

Chat with Isaac

Fitness Training Basics: The Right Amount, The Right Kind, at the Right Time:  Where to start and how to begin a fitness program.  Sometimes it is best just to walk around the block, other times we’re ready for the challenge of Olympic-style power lifting!  This talk will explain a simple template that anyone can use for building their own exercise program for flexibility, cardiovascular, strength and core exercises.  Some simple understanding of physiology and movement patterns can go a long way.  Hint: strength endurance is the key to longevity, exercise-ing-ly speaking.  Disclaimer: this is a generalized approach and does NOT delve into the individual specifics that may be addressed in an individualized coaching assessment and program design.

For other samples and full length videos, check out the Kinectus Wellness YouTube Channel below!

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