Evolution of a Wellness Aficionado

I first became interested in health and wellness as the child of parents that were runners, backpackers and general ‘health nuts’. I started running local competitions and backpacking the Sierra Nevada Mountains at age 12 which led to practicing martial arts (Wu-Shu Kung Fu), competitive soccer leagues and skateboarding as a teenager. In 1989, as a junior in high school, I started practicing and learning yoga through the Kalsa community in the Washington DC/Virginia area. Soon after, in college, I decided to check out a human physiology class since I had always been interested in health. This class completely transformed my academic interests, changing my major from Art to Kinesiology. I graduated with a BSc in Integrated Exercise Conditioning, a blend of Kinesiology and Psychology.

Throughout my college career I trained in Aikido at a local community dojo. Just before graduating, I started teaching yoga both on campus and at a local gym where I was able to apply the functional kinesthetics of yoga to everyday life. After college I worked in the public health arena where I learned that people can change their health behaviors when given the right amount of tools and education to do so. Moving to Long Beach, CA in 2012 I started working as a personal trainer at Frog’s Club One on the CSULB campus which quickly lead to working in a physical therapy clinic. At the physical therapy clinic I learned how to rehab patients through difficult injuries and post-surgery therapies. In 2005, I started Agilis Fitness at the suggestion of a client who had achieved great business success in the medical/hospital industry. I studied at the CHEK Institute since I knew I would need the best training possible for the field I was going to be competing in. And, the CHEK Institute has the most hands-ons, thorough and applicable system I know of within the personal training certification arena. At the request of my business-mentor client, I started practicing and studying Ba Qua style Tai Chi/Qigong at the Lau Kune Do Temple of Martial Arts in Long Beach, CA where I passed the Tai Chi Instructor Level Credential. As a post-rehab/corrective exercise coach and wellness coach, I integrate the principles from these different disciplines into the fitness training and wellness coaching programs I design for my clients.

At Kinectus Wellness, the wellness coaching and program implementation I do is tailored to the needs of the company and the needs of the individual. Much like personal training where every detail in the program design is specific to the individual, the same is true with building a program for greater organizational and individual wellness. Wellness coaching to me is finding the balance between “Universal Simplicity and the Individual Complexity”.


  • Personal fitness training (post-rehab and corrective exercise emphasis) and wellness coaching individuals since 2002 in-home and outside. Sole proprietor, Agilis Fitness since 2005.
  • 2 years experience in a physical therapy setting.
  • 4 years experience in public health education prior to the fitness and rehabilitation industry in both program management and educator roles.
  • Yoga instructor in both the university and gym setting.

Education and Training

  • Humboldt State University, Bachelor of Science degree Integrated Exercise Conditioning (Exercise Physiology, Kinesiology with an emphasis in Psychology)
  • CHEK Institute, Certified CHEK Corrective Exercise Coach.
  • American Council on Exercise (ACE) Certified Personal Trainer.
  • ACE Certified Specialist Behavior Change Coach.
  • Tufts University, Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy: Graduate Certificate, “Developing Healthy Communities – Nutrition, Behavior and Physical Activity.”
  • University of Florida, College of Medicine: Graduate Certificate, "Medical Physiology."