I’m Kathleen Fisher.  Although until recently I lived in Southern California, I’m not the kind of “California girl” who lived outdoors, loving the surf, volleyball, rollerblading and sports in general. I was raised in the Northeast, and growing up introverted, preferred reading and other passive pastimes. It wasn’t until I approached my 65th year that I began to notice increasing challenges around getting through airports, climbing stairs, and just getting out of bed in the morning.

I’d had a successful run as a competitive ballroom dancer, and missed the passion, the movement and the fun. Years of sitting at a desk, doing corporate travel and the general stress of being a good corporate citizen had taken their toll.

After seeing an episode of So You Think You Can Dance, I made the decision that things had to change. I got a personal trainer (now my business partner, the best!), I joined a gym, I lost 100 pounds, I became a Certified Wellness Coach, became a Holistic Lifestyle Coach and could not believe the difference. I felt strong, I felt energetic, my “long stride” was back as my flexibility increased. Then I moved to France…! Working with two trainers via Skype saved my life. Really. But re-entry back to the States has been hard – worse than living in the land of butter sauces and baguettes – and my health slid. So I continue to learn and to identify what works for me.

The bottom line, in terms of health coaching, vitality and potential, is I am saddened by the health condition of most of us in this country. I know how much can be improved, whether it is being at risk from diabetes or stroke, or heart disease, or being asleep and resigned to “it will never change”. I know the cost on a national economic level, to businesses, and to people, of being “unwell”. I want to help us recover.
My particular value as a Coach springs from experience as a Human Resources Executive for over 30 years. I am particularly adept at executive coaching, training, and cross-cultural issues as well as wellness coaching. I have been instrumental in accompanying executives in their organizational progression from functional management to c-suite leadership, and in facilitating behavioral change leading to health gain.
Beyond the East and West coasts of the States, I’ve lived and worked in France, the UK and Germany, working in multicultural manufacturing companies, and with the Latin American and Caribbean division of a computer services organization, serving 11 countries in that region. I have also had a one-to-one wellness coaching business since 2012. I speak English, French and Spanish, as well as rusty Russian.

Along with facilitating Leader Effectiveness Training, Change Management Training, 360, and Myers-Briggs Assessments (all of which I am certified to provide), I partner with individuals and organizations as a coach in exploration and development of professional talents and aspirations. An executive coach certified by The Hudson Institute, I provide expertise in Executive, Transition and Cross-Cultural coaching. I work to create sustainable individual change with leaders and employees. Further, as a Certified Wellness Coach, I leverage my coaching expertise to enable wellness gains.

My Georgetown University undergraduate degree is in languages, and I’ve pursued learning about what it means to be confronted by change for nearly my entire career. I have completed a certificate program in Organization Systems and Development at the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland.


  • Certified Wellness Coach, Institute for Integrative Nutrition
  • Holistic Lifestyle Coach 2, Chek Institute
  • Certified Executive Coach, Hudson Institute
  • Certified Change Agent, Implementation Management Associates
  • Gestalt Institute of Cleveland Certificate Program – Organization Systems and Development
  • B.S.L., Georgetown University
  • 30+ years of executive team and Human Resources experience in multi-cultural environments