For over 30 years, Peter has been learning, practicing and sharing insights into an
authentically beneficial state of being based on meditation, qigong and a blend of integrated experiences.
The breath was his first teacher and then the following:

Meditation Training - 1991 - Chakra Breathing, Driana

Zen Shiatsu/Tai Chi - -Santa Barbara,CA - 1993
Long Form

Qigong and Nutrition - Paul Piutchford, Heartwood Institute. 1994
Animal Forms, Sitting Meditation

Rieki Master - Sebastopol, CA - 1994

Permaculture Teacher Training - Bill Mollison and Scott Pittman. 1995

Wing Woo Gar Kung Fu/Tai Chi (Long Form) - Paul Gale

Computer Information Systems BA - Humboldt State University, 2001

Subud - 3 years of in-depth practice recieving guidance from the higher self.

Warrior Dharma Training, Dancing with Hope and Fear
Frank Berliner (Direct disciple of Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche)
Authenticity, Wind Horse,Shamatha, Tonglen, Bodhichitta

Personal Reatreat (Integrative Solo Training) - 18 months, 2017-2018
Mattole River/Petrolia, CA

Peter is an avid hiker, backpacker, mountain biker, skier, chi gong-er and meditate-r who lives and adventures in the Lake Tahoe area.

"In the Tibetan Buddhist teachings of the Great Perfection, it is taught that there are three levels of practicing with our hope and fear:
Abandoning the habit of identifying with them;
transforming them into fearless awareness by working with their energy;
or seeing them as naturally free from the very beginning."